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   I have been immersed in everything Art and Design from a very young age.  I grew up the son of an accomplished film production artist, Lynn Christopher.  My mother and I have pursued the path that my great-grandfather, Paul Groesse, dedicated himself to decades ago, during the Silver and Golden Age of Film.  He was an extremely brilliant and accomplished man, who endlessly inspired and touched my family for generations (yesss, my mom named me after him).  Paul, I hope I am making ya proud up there, as ya look down over that draughting table up in the sky, smoking from your pipe no doubt...

   I have been providing Concept Art, Designs and Illustrations for the Entertainment Industry for over 20 years.  I jump into every project with passion and enthusiasm for conjuring up the most optimal designs that every project entices. I am no stranger to working under the high pressure environment of FULL STEAM Productions, or establishing I.P.s from the ground floor, and achieving the loftiest ambitions and goals that are offered with "Pie in the Sky" development.  My clients include; Columbia Tri-Star Pictures, Disney, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, Fox Pictures, Sony Pictures, Sony PlayStation, EA Games, Activision, DICE LA, Infinity Ward, NC Soft, Trey Arch, and more.  I am a member of the local 800.


   I am also the proud father of an incredibly passionate artist (what 9 year old doesn't LOVE drawing)... who will no doubt will become the 5th generation within the family to get 'bit by the bug' of Art... not just 'proud dad talk' but he is really darned good!!

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